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Free the Child, Emancipate the Mind

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Step 1

Several months ago, in support of efforts to bring pressure to bear on Haitian government authorities and their allies to end child slavery in Haiti for good, my colleague Tamara Thompson set up an online petition, setting a modest goal of 1,000 signatures. To date, about 690 people have signed up.

I say: we can do better than that! Yes, let’s get a thousand signatories, but let’s shoot for 10,000. And why not a million: 1,000,000 signatures from all over the world to match what can be achieved in Haiti itself with the appropriate strategy and resources?

All it takes is 5 minutes of your time:

  • 1 minute to sign the petition
  • 4 minutes to forward the petition to your friends, colleagues and relatives, and urge them to follow your example.

Brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter: can you spare 5 minutes? You can sign on to the petition that is at the sidebar at JMC STRATEGIES.

You can spread the petition to your email contacts and post it to social networking web sites like facebook, stumble upon, linkedin, your own website, or one of your other favorite internet haunts.

You can also download the petition, make copies, solicit signatures through your school, church, association and snail mail. Then you can send it to me directly.

Step 2

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, trumpeted the United Negro College Fund in an ad campaign designed to solicit funds for the benefit of higher education institutions that offered African-Americans a college education and experience.

This is indeed true, for the human mind is far superior to the fastest supercomputer ever produced by men and women on earth. Don’t believe me? Check out this video lecture.

Kwabena Boahen: Making a computer that works like the brain

Then imagine the wonders that can be produced by the mind of an emancipated child in Haiti… Rwanda… Kenya… Ethiopia… the USA…

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