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BET Jams to feature Sounds of Jakmel for one year

Les Nubians HKM BETJ (Black Entertainment Television Jams) will be airing some of the best music performances to come out of Haiti in recent years through the FESTIVAL MIZIK JAKMEL. The BETJ series, When the Walls Talk, will air the festival this Saturday November 21 at 2:30pm. The series is a 7-part weekly show that features concerts, festivals that take place in the Caribbean. BETJ will be re-running this series for 52 weeks. Sounds of Jakmel will run twice a month from December 2008 to November 2009.
You will see performances by Emeline Michel, RAM, Tabou Combo, Sunpie & the Sunspots, as well as interviews from many involved with the festival.
FESTIVAL MIZIK JAKMEL will stand as Haiti’s single greatest music event ever produced. Due to the +90,000 in attendance, FMJ was also the Caribbean’s largest EVER music festival. A production of this size will never be duplicated for a very long time. You can find out more about the festival by reading Tequila Minsky‚Äôs report at Heritage Konpa Magazine.
Please pass this on to everybody you know. People throughout the world will have an opportunity to see what Haiti is capable of and how the willpower of few brought joy to many.
For more Information, contact:
Jeremie Sterlin
5-7 Rue St. Anne
Jacmel, Haiti, W.I.

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