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Obama Calls on Supporters to Continue Fighting for Community Change

President-Elect Barack Obama announced today the establishment of a new organization, Organizing for America,  a vehicle through which he hopes the people who made possible his presidency will see to it that change in Washington is translated into change at the community level. View the video below.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas on the changes that you would like to see in America.

I’ll throw one out: consumers in the United States are drowning in credit card debt, not simply because of overconsumption,  but because the credit card companies have structured the system in such a way as to keep you locked into debt, charging fees and increasing interest rates at the slightest delay, driving down credit rating in order to justify high interest rates. Consumers Union has launched a grassroots effort to rein in credit card abuse by the credit card companies. Sign on to a letter to your representatives in Congress and put the issue on the President’s agenda.

President Obama will almost certainly have more than $1 trillion at his disposal as soon as he takes office. The Senate has acceded to his request for the release of the second half of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) funds,  about $350 billion worth. He’s put forth a stimulus package currently estimated at $825 billion. It may get higher as the bill winds its way through Congress and finally gets adopted.

President Obama is looking to hit the ground running on January 21, and to maintain momentum in order to lift all boats. In so doing he is inviting us to hold him accountable and to help him realize changes that he may or may not agree with. I say, let’s take him up on the offer and press for change that we can believe in.

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