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What Haitian Leaders Should Take Away from Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Barack Obama delivered a sober yet forceful speech at his inaugural as the 44th President of the United States of America. The speech covered a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time. He balanced a reality check on the state of the Union with an appeal to the American people that with their help and support the country would be better off in the years ahead, and that the obstacles that stand in their path to a better future today would be but history when their grandchildren looked back on the historical record.

President Barack Obama

Obama spoke mainly to the American people, but he had a few choice words for allies and foes abroad. What should Haitian leaders take away from his words? Two things: a warning and a promise.

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  1. hi there,

    I hope the best for the Obama government to  arrest the global economic
    It’s gonna be really hard work, and everyone know that opponents to Obama
    are waiting for any mistake to over take him and make public humiliation,
    it’s such a mainstream, it’s gonna take more than a year to see the situation
    switching to a better way for everybody.
    The problem is that Haitians leaders are not used to taking care of their own
    people, so what you can expect from these people?
    Wait for them to give back [the] millions [of] dollars they stole from the Haitian community?
    Even military intervention didn’t make any change for [the] Haitian people [who] still
    struggling like ever.
    The solution may come from haitian leaders to become just more human and
    less egocentric for god’s sake, can they be human?
    i know there are still people fighting for freedom, and hopefully they share the
    dream of a better world, a better way of living for everybody.
    Obama turn US nation to this dream and create the biggest [hopeful] flow ever
    since J. F. Kennedy & Martin Luther King did it.
    Everywhere people get linked by this feeling started by mister Obama, to fight
    for better days and they really believe in it.
    Just hoping that the dream comes true in the future, and hope that Obama
    will not become another J.F.K, US and the whole world needs him to fullfill
    his dream, and to let him go till the end of his projects for both US nation
    and the rest of world.
    Thanks to all American people around the world who had voted for Obama,
    and thanks to all people that aren’t shinning, but who are working in the shadow
    to make a better world.
    thanks to you all and  really hope the best for all of you and famillies
    may god be with you, peace and love to you all.



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