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Washington Post Profiles Patrick Gaspard

P-Gaspard Gaspard, the highest-ranking Haitian American in the Obama administration, has quietly assumed the role of liaison to distraught Haitian American leaders, even as his job requires him to focus on Tuesday’s crucial Massachusetts special election, upon which hangs President Obama’s health-care overhaul and much of the domestic agenda for the foreseeable future.


Gaspard, a soft-spoken but hard-hitting operative who prefers to work behind the scenes, declined several requests for an interview and repeatedly resisted the notion that his personal connection to Haiti warranted a news article. The White House, though, has been less reluctant to make use of Gaspard’s standing in the Haitian community. Over the weekend, he sat silently next to Vice President Biden during an event with Haitian American leaders at Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Center.

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  1. 1. Would you consider there was an issue? 2. What was the issue? 3. How that issue easily turned in to serious Matter 4. Why Einstein famous equation E=Mc2 is never fail ? 5. What happen when that issue has been mishandle, 6. Marginally, we can see how it shifted into huge matter which is well gravitated inside the box. [Haiti]}

    (7)*******. The law of nature already defined this as a result of Indefinite Amount to a Definite Result (IA) (DR) where that can be access and assess as Density issue, which is coherent as “Relative Mass in the box” and that was the “Energy” caused Haiti to exploded on Haitian, that was already predicted at any giving moment time in space. The Earthquake reinforced the societal explosion to a massive Haitian exodus , not the Earthquake on itself, in fact, it could have been 9.5 in Richter Scale.

    Look Mr. Gaspard! I do understand how you feel however, I am not in pain. In spite of what happen to Haitian in Haiti not yet to say, what Haitian have had done to Haiti in itself. It is long small tale that pretty much coherent to a larger scales of Historical which is behind a sequential pattern due to Haitian feeding processed in Haiti from the get go. But off course this particular outcome hurts everyone.

    Obviously, there is lot more in term of Astrological issue behind this little Island that been broken from their Constitution which is coherent into their spiritual believes, which have had affected their environments in to environmental is well. Would it be fair to say, it is a matter of fact, but off course it has to be some sort off marginally impact occurred between reality and the myth on itself in other for the truth to heard . Yet, there is law that made in order to protect this particular believes. Universal Human right. Even on the Geneva Convention, the statement is pretty much obvious compare to in Germany.

    Now, again the 7.0 on Richter Scale was a P” waves Earthquake absolutely, it was huge which is A‘ moderate , but not to the point of totally a nation. It is true the Haitian Constitutional approach could have prevented that to exceed beyond a destruction make however, what happened to the Haitian people in Haiti way and probably beyond their comprehension. Now, Haiti and Haitian already had all the respect they should deserve, but what we are failed to understand is that : Do we really understand ourselves? Just like former Beetles drummer “Ringo Star on his metaphoric “stated in Larry King CNN, “We do not proud” I don’t think there were too many people who were literally paid too much attention in to his remarks, compared to Puff Daddy and other Rappers believes and respect they have for Haiti and Haitian.

    Although , We already have respect for ourselves, But one thing that missing is that: do we understand each other? When 20% people happened to be inhibitor toward other 80% of population and that is the result of negative effect which occurred in Haiti. It is in fact an issue “Counter-unbalance” in four dimensions inside the box. We are an [Exampleur]} for the Humanity. (Moise 2010).


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