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Ira Gollobin: Mentor and Friend

Ira Gollobin was a remarkable lawyer, a brilliant strategist, and a superb mentor and teacher. He did it all with deep humility that arose, not from false modesty, but from a profound understanding of a lawyer’s role in the political arena.

Lost in America

I’m African-American and my family moved to California almost a hundred years ago after a lynching took place outside their hometown in Kentucky. I’m also undocumented, or in the current anti-immigrant vernacular, “illegal.”

In Memoriam: Ira Gollobin, a Haitian Refugee’s Best Friend Since 1972

Ira Gollobin. I will say it again: IRA GOLLOBIN… I will spell it out for you: I-R-A G-O-L-L-O-B-I-N. Does the name ring a bell? If it does not, it should. And if you are among the people who today seek wisdom and guidance because you are trying to make sense of the world and its… Read More ›

Immigration Horrors

This week, The Washington Post published a 4-part series on healthcare delivery, or more importantly, the substandard healthcare delivered to immigrants detained under the draconian immigration rules enacted over the last 10 years to control immigration, and rid the US of persons (immigrants and non-immigrants) deemed undesirable or found to be in violation the law…. Read More ›