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Chicago Conference to Lobby for Dual Citizenship in Haiti

A group calling itself the Haitian Congress will be holding a conference in Chicago on June 27 and 28, 2008. It could be just one more opportunity given to Haitians to talk past each other, but then again you never know. Here is the announcement, first in English, then in French: HAITI NEEDS ALL HER… Read More ›

And Now Comes the Character Test

Now that Hillary Clinton has made it known that she’s winding down her campaign, will not take the fight for the nomination to the Democratic Convention and that she will formally endorse Barack Obama’s candidacy, now comes the character test. Has Obama demonstrated that he has the leadership qualities that America desperately needs at this… Read More ›

One Haitian’s Primary Thoughts on Obama

Today is the day when Barack Obama moves decisively to claim the leadership of the Democratic Party. He is expected to set the stage for the presidential contest in a speech tonight at the Excel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. In doing so, he will be saying to John McCain, his Republican opponent “you can… Read More ›

Haiti: Are Water Riots Next?

A few weeks ago, the world woke up to the news that demonstrations were breaking out in various countries impacted by the sudden rise in basic food costs. Haiti was among those countries whose people cried out their pain through street protests. These peaceful demonstrations graduated to food riots in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, which is… Read More ›