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Obama Calls on Supporters to Continue Fighting for Community Change

President-Elect Barack Obama announced today the establishment of a new organization, Organizing for America, a vehicle through which he hopes the people who made possible his presidency will see to it that change in Washington is translated into change at the community level. View the video below. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on the changes that you would like to see in America.

Our climb will be even steeper than expected

The most memorable sentence in Barack Obama’s speech on election night in Chicago is the following: “Our climb will be steep.” Then, it appeared that in deference to the Reverend Martin Luther King and all the civil rights leaders who preceded him and made possible his victory at the polls, Obama meant to say that though he’s reached the mountaintop there were still miles to go before we all rose to the top.

Gaspard in the White House – Take 2

Gaspard will be the President’s liaison to the constituency that elected him (unions, grassroots organizations, citizens groups, etc), and his eyes and ears with respect to everyone out there who expects their needs, wants and expectations to be met.

When Obama Became Black, But Not Lwo or African

S.M. Sangmpam captures the sentiments I expressed long ago about Barack Obama, the young man with the strange first, middle and last name who defied stereotypes to rise above the fray and pull millions behind his bid for the presidency of the United States. This article is an important reminder that there’s been a constant effort to pigeonhole the new President.

Haitian-American Patrick Gaspard to Be White House Political Director

The Daily News broke the story that Patrick Gaspard will take over the White House political office that really got a bad name when Karl Rove presided over its operations. Times have indeed changed in America.

Our Climb Will Be Steep

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America – I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you – we as a people will get there.

Amazing Turnout at the Polls in Maplewood, NJ

people turned out to vote today in Maplewood, NJ for the young man with the uncommon first, middle and last name who had come virtually from nowhere armed with a sophisticated grasp of domestic and international politics to speak truth to power, claim the mantle of the civil rights movement and vow to bring forth a more perfect union

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

It’s challenging enough for citizens of the United States to come to terms with the content of their character as they consider breaking with tradition and choosing between McCain and Obama, a man who fits nicely the notion of white (Caucasian, non-Hispanic) vs. a man who is neither white nor black, but stands at the multidimensional crossroads of ethnicity and culture that defines most Americans today. But bringing the developing world right at the doorstep of the White House could be just the issue that Obama’s opponents will seize on to argue that breaking with tradition (and Bush Administration policy) may not be in the voters’ best interests.

America Imported Torture Techniques from China?

According to the NY Times (July 2, 2008), the CIA and the Pentagon lifted their use of waterboarding and other interrogation methods, that altogether amount to torture, from Chinese techniques used on American soldiers taken prisoner during the clashes over North Korea to elicit confessions from them. Some of the American soldiers had confessed under duress to participating in such things as gem warfare, a claim which the United States strongly denied at the time.

Haiti: Unintended Obama Faux Pas?

In a May 23, 2008 speech before the Cuban-American National Foundation, Senator Barak Obama vowed to pursue a Roosevelt-style aggressive policy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Wasn’t Franklin Delano Rosevelt Assistant-Secretary of the Navy when the US marines landed in Haiti in 1915? Did he not boast of rewriting the Haitian Constitution to fit US policy goals? Is this a faux pas that will dull Obama’s shine among Haitians and others?