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Haiti Seeks “New Paradigm of Cooperation”

At a meeting of donors in Washington, DC, Haitian government leaders will seek to establish a “new paradigm of cooperation.” Why? In spite of the manifest good will and the continued work on both parts, the Government does not fine in the provided aid the necessary resources to execute its program of action in favor… Read More ›

Turning Haiti Around

As noted in previous posts, Paul Collier’s name is becoming more common in Haiti’s elite and international circles. Why? His recent proposal for turning Haiti around has been heralded by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon as Haiti’s last best hope. President René Préval used the occasion of a recent visit to the US to talk up… Read More ›

A Weak Strategy Can Deal You a Bad Hand

In Act 3 of Haiti’s political crisis, Préval’s opponents have seized on the nomination of Michele Pierre-Louis to the post of Prime Minister to launch a full-scale assault on Pierre-Louis’ sexual orientation, moral core and fitness for the position. Her supporters have issued a petition which can fall on dead ears because it is addressed to no one in particular.

Chicago Conference to Lobby for Dual Citizenship in Haiti

A group calling itself the Haitian Congress will be holding a conference in Chicago on June 27 and 28, 2008. It could be just one more opportunity given to Haitians to talk past each other, but then again you never know. Here is the announcement, first in English, then in French: HAITI NEEDS ALL HER… Read More ›