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Baby Doc is Dead, Duvalierism Lives On

In October 1986, the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees (NCHR) and Americas Watch (a division of Human Rights Watch) released a report on  human rights conditions in Haiti. Entitled Duvalierism Since Duvalier, the report chronicled the lack of progress made in distancing Haiti from a disastrous 29-year past fashioned by the Duvaliers (père et fils)… Read More ›

Haiti: It Started with a Bang…

It Ended in a Whimper 504 Days Later… Two hundred ten (210) years ago, Slaves and Freedmen who fought against France’s grip on the colony of Saint-Domingue and defeated its troops in a military campaign worthy of the most epic battles in recorded history seceded from the Empire and declared their independence. Haiti was born… Read More ›

Haiti on the Big Stage in NY and Washington

On April 13 and 14,  international and bilateral donors will meet at the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to announce a major assistance package for Haiti. The donors meeting should have been held a year ago. But about this time last year, protests over the scarcity and high cost of food spread from… Read More ›