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Darwin, Lincoln and…Haiti?

Was there a relationship between Lincoln and Darwin? In the 19th century, both the scientist and the anti-slavery president were near-mythical figures. With the theory of evolution and the Civil War, each touched off a revolution that changed the world. Coincidentally (but do coincidences exist?) they shared a birthday. What is the Haitian connection?

BET Jams to feature Sounds of Jakmel for one year

The BETJ series, When the Walls Talk, will air Sounds of Jakmel twice a month from December 2008 to November 2009. Featured will be performances by Emeline Michel, RAM, Tabou Combo, Sunpie & the Sunspots, as well as interviews from many involved with the Jacmel Music Festival

DBR: The Haitian-American Music Sensation You Never Heard of

Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) is a composer and violonist who seems determined to create new sounds and harmonies by mixing classical with hip hop and other musical genres, all heavily laced with Haitian rhythms. Interesting mix it is.