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Amazing Turnout at the Polls in Maplewood, NJ

people turned out to vote today in Maplewood, NJ for the young man with the uncommon first, middle and last name who had come virtually from nowhere armed with a sophisticated grasp of domestic and international politics to speak truth to power, claim the mantle of the civil rights movement and vow to bring forth a more perfect union

Vote Against Slavery in Our Time

762 people have signed on the petition urging an end to slavery in Haiti. Some petitioners have left pointed comments for the decision-makers and policymakers that the the petition targets. Eliminating childhood slavery can be done within five years and in our lifetime Haiti can be fixed for the better.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

It’s challenging enough for citizens of the United States to come to terms with the content of their character as they consider breaking with tradition and choosing between McCain and Obama, a man who fits nicely the notion of white (Caucasian, non-Hispanic) vs. a man who is neither white nor black, but stands at the multidimensional crossroads of ethnicity and culture that defines most Americans today. But bringing the developing world right at the doorstep of the White House could be just the issue that Obama’s opponents will seize on to argue that breaking with tradition (and Bush Administration policy) may not be in the voters’ best interests.

Haiti: Unintended Obama Faux Pas?

In a May 23, 2008 speech before the Cuban-American National Foundation, Senator Barak Obama vowed to pursue a Roosevelt-style aggressive policy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Wasn’t Franklin Delano Rosevelt Assistant-Secretary of the Navy when the US marines landed in Haiti in 1915? Did he not boast of rewriting the Haitian Constitution to fit US policy goals? Is this a faux pas that will dull Obama’s shine among Haitians and others?

And Now Comes the Character Test

Now that Hillary Clinton has made it known that she’s winding down her campaign, will not take the fight for the nomination to the Democratic Convention and that she will formally endorse Barack Obama’s candidacy, now comes the character test. Has Obama demonstrated that he has the leadership qualities that America desperately needs at this… Read More ›

One Haitian’s Primary Thoughts on Obama

Today is the day when Barack Obama moves decisively to claim the leadership of the Democratic Party. He is expected to set the stage for the presidential contest in a speech tonight at the Excel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. In doing so, he will be saying to John McCain, his Republican opponent “you can… Read More ›