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Let’s Really Put a Stop to Child Slavery in Haiti!

Modern-day child slavery reigns supreme in Haiti where slaves successfully broke their chains and established an independent republic freed of French colonialism and declared themselves the equals of all men regardless of race, or color. The time has come to eliminate the restavek system as child slavery is known in Haiti.

Haiti: Still No End to Act III

Fourteen days from today, Haitians will be commemorating the 93rd anniversary of the landing by American marines in Haiti ostensibly to restore order. The marines quickly took control of the affairs of the country, staying 19 years to remake Haiti in their own image. They left in 1934, after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt decided that… Read More ›

This Haitian Artist is Going Places…

Michele Voltaire Marcelin is a comedienne an actor, painter and writer artist and singer whose blog features poetry, paintings and writings about subjects that tickle her fancy, none of which are purely sensory. Awareness of issues is an additional benefit of visiting Michele Marcelin’s Blog. Last week, she posted Ti-Marie, a poem about the forgotten… Read More ›